Sí Tomás was founded by Tomás Cruz Custer in late 2017 to cover his art, designs, projects and ideas.

About Sí Tomás

As an artist, I have specialized in pen & ink and have sold my art at art fairs and in several galleries.

Currently, I am spreading my creativity to other realms.

A lot of what I do creatively today involves concepts or ideas. I dabble with words and phrases in the form of domain names. I call this Domain as Design.

To put into artistic terms, I view the web as a blank canvas. Eventually, these will be more than just names but what they will grow into is still unknown. They may be a drawing, a design, a book, a brand (pretend or not), or something goofy.

I have grouped these into the series like Wise One Way or Portland.

About Tomás

I am a Hispanic Gen-Xer. I was born and bred in Chicago to a Mexican-American mother and an American-Gringo father. Unfortunately, I grew up not speaking Spanish as it wasn’t as politically correct back then. Today, I can hold a conversation with relative ease.

I was very lucky to attend good schools and have good parents, family and friends. Yes things good and bad have occurred in my life and I am sure more will come

Professionally, I have designed and developed websites since 1998. I practically grew up in a TV station. I have worked in Media, Higher Education and a Silicon Valley Startup. with various duties.

I have waited tables and served food. I am an Aquarius, single and left-handed and still have plenty of hair on my head. I am older than I look but young and curious at heart. I really love to laugh.